Liberalism in the Church – Conclusion

This article makes it a baker’s dozen about some current trends happening in the church. I have written these articles to warn and prepare us for a future spiritual war that all of us will have to face, and some are facing right now. The reality is postmodernism has brought forth a new mindset that teaches spiritual truth is not what was spoken, written or evidenced, but truth is what one feels. Mix that with a new mushy and emotional mindset of the Emerging Church movement; we now have many congregations that believe truth is subjective/cultural based. And they believe the only absolute/objective truth is there is no absolute/objective truth.

The Emerging Church doctrines which have infiltrated most of our Christian College Bible departments, and more than a few of our congregations today, simply have an interdenominational mindset, that denies the Old Paths, the absolute authority of the Word, and the exclusivity of the church. Instead, they are seeking and using modern cultural, psychological, and philosophical concepts to develop a new mindset where “Church” is all about finding emotional fulfillment, joy, and release. So, the results are: 1) The Bible is not filled with objective truth. 2) Worship is primarily about “me” feeling good and receiving some type of spiritual enlightenment. Glorifying God in worship is no longer the primary focus.

All of us who believe in Christ are going to have to face this new Emerging Church concept. If not us, our children will. Here are a few things to consider about where you worship, where your children may worship and where you may worship one day.

Does the congregation where you worship:

1) Accept and contend for the Biblical doctrines on marriage, divorce and remarriage? Pretty much every congregation that is apostatizing today no longer is concerned with what God has presented about M/D/R. Instead, they just ignore what Jesus taught in Matthew 19. The point is, if they can’t respect the teachings about the first institution God created in the Garden, why do we expect them to respect the teachings of the Lord’s Church?

2) Allows culture to determine how they are going to define gender and service roles in the church?

3) Preach the entire oracles of God? Most apostatizing congregations today will not allow what they call, negative sermons to be presented. Meaning sermons about sin, repentance, and about calling the members to do better, and be more like Christ are condemned. Instead, their sermons are primarily pep talks delivered to make you feel good about yourself, with never any challenges to repent and grow in Christ.

4) Seek for modern human inventions to add to worship to make it more appealing to humanity? Inventions like mechanical instruments, praise teams, skits, plays and increased gender roles are often found in congregations who no longer find their authority in God’s word.

5) Celebrate man-made religious holidays like Christmas and Easter?

6) Have what they call a traditional and a contemporary worship service? If where you worship the elders allow a worship service contrary to God’s word, then that eldership is in error and so would anyone who worships with them, 2 John 1:9-11.

There is much more that could be asked and said. But the reality is, where you worship will help determine your eternal destiny. If you worship at a congregation that does not obey God, respect His word and His worship in spirit and truth. It is time for you to move on for God will judge our congregations and those who worship therein, Revelation 11:1.